Affiliated Faculty

Edit Andras is a Visiting Professor at the Departmnet of History, and she is a senior member of the Art History, Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

Kate Coyer is Director of the Civil Society and Technology Project for the Center for Media, Data and Society  in the School of Public Policy at CEU. Her research examines the complexities of media practice and policy; digital rights advocacy and the social uses of technologies; media development and communication for social change; the opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies as well as the resilience of ‘old’ mediums like radio.

Ulrich Meurer has been visiting professor in Visual Theory and Practice since the academic year of 2017/18. His research focus is on media philosophy, film & visual cultures, political theory from early modernism to the present, discourses of pré-cinéma and media archeology.

Dora Merai is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Medieval Studies. 

Hyaesin Yoon is assistant professor at CEU's Department of Gender Studies. Her areas of interest include transnational biopolitics, postcolonial criticisms, critical animal studies/posthumanisms, feminist science and technology studies, medical humanities, as well as performance and literary theories. Her present focus is on how technological assemblages of humans and other animals mediate the power relations of sex/gender, race, disability, and species in a transnational context. She is currently working on her book project Prosthetic Memories, examining the ethics of embodied memory in an age of transnational mobility and biotechnology by examining the diasporic tongue (as both language and organ), animal cloning, and human stem cell research across the United States and South Korea.