Call for Participation – Workshop: Using Photo Essays for Social Sciences

January 13, 2020

Eszter Bíró (Glasgow School of Arts) 
February 22nd and 29th

The workshop aims to introduce photo essays as a visual research tool for social science students. As part of the workshop, a series of examples will be presented where photographs were part of the analysis and functioned as data within ethnography, autoethnographic, feminist and gender studies and social science research. Through a series of field exercises and subsequent editing, students will gain essential practice-based experience of photography beyond its illustrative and documenting aspects, as well as acquiring skills of visual note-taking and analysis.

Eszter Biró is a visual artist and researcher who gained her PhD at Glasgow School of Art. Her doctoral research Beyond The Memory (2019) interrogates transgenerational transmissions of postmemories through storytelling with family photographs. Her approach combines fine art photographic practice with oral-history, archival strategies, autoethnography, material re-enactments and cultural memory studies. Her exhibitions Fragments (2013) and Recipebook (2015) investigate how private memory entangles with historical events. 

Priority will be given to VTP students on a first come first served basis. Places are limited to 25 slots. We are most likely not able to provide cameras (though we are looking). As such, participants must use what they are able to bring (whether it be a DSLR or a smartphone). Please apply no later than January 20th. Remaining places will be advertised to non-VTP students after this date. 

The workshop is split over two Saturdays, with an assignment to complete in between.

1st session on 22nd February 2020 (from 9 am) in room 307/A
2nd session on 29th February 2020 (from 9 am) in room 412/A

Please apply to and address any questions to Ian Cook (