Visual Studies Platform (VSP) is a cross-disciplinary initiative designed to explore and propose innovative approaches to research and teaching visual imagery in the digital century. It encompasses research on visual theory, method and history across different media forms, including visual arts, film, photography and performance. Drawing on the growing expertise across CEU and beyond, it aims to foster the visual component in our research and practice, from the humanities towards social and policy studies. For this it invites CEU students and faculty to engage with theories and practices of analogue and digital image-making as well as interpretation through a web of interrelated activities, including thematic colloquia, workshops, summer schools and a variety of cross-departmental courses.


Thursday May 02

Daniel Halász Fischer
May 2, 2024

Thursday April 25

Blinken OSA Archivum, Verzió International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
April 25, 2024

Wednesday April 10

Daniel Halász Fischer
April 10, 2024
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