Former VSP Students' Film to be Screened at the International Migrant Film Festival

May 29, 2018

"Anyák" (Mothers) a film made by former CEU students Mayya Kelova (Turkmenistan), Andrea Kobor (Hungary) and Adina Tulegenova (Kazakhstan) in the 2017 Visual Studies course “Historical Narratives and the Moving Image” taught by Jeremy Braverman and Oksana Sarkisova has been invited to this year's international Migrant Film festival in Ljubljana. The film will be screened on the closing day of the festival, June 21. "Anyák" is a story of how two women of different ethnicities, cultures and generations experienced motherhood. Klara is a Hungarian woman in her 70s, a mother of a large family, who brought up her children of various backgrounds in communist Hungary in the 1980s. Sarah is a Ugandan woman in her 30s, who is raising her daughter Tunde in contemporary Hungary. The story is a reflection on the issues of identity and belonging in Europe in the past and today.