CEU Fall Film & Audio Showcase on Tuesday, October 3 at 6 p.m. in QS Auditorium

September 21, 2023
CEU Fall Film & Audio Showcase

Join us in celebrating the beginning of a new academic year with this program featuring some of the best film and audio projects produced by CEU student last year, which screened in last Spring’s CEU DOCS film screening and Audio Showcase events. These works were produced in both and MA- and BA-level production courses that are part of the MA Advanced Certificate in Visual Theory and Practice (VTP), and Visual Theory and Practice Major in the the Culture Politics & Society BA program. The courses are supported and facilitated by the resources and expertise of the CEU Library’s Media Hub. For new students, this is also a great chance to learn about the activities and resources of the Visual Studies Platform (VSP) and the Media Hub.

The program highlights how students from a range of departments and programs across the University are using film and audio to engage with the knowledge of their particular subject area, and communicate that knowledge via a visual/aural medium. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with some of the project creators, and then a small reception.

This annual showcase is the first in a series of events hosted by the Visual Studies Platform throughout the year, which include screenings, workshops, and guest presentations that engage with the exhibition, analysis, and discussion of visual and aural media. 





Audio Production (BA)

Anna Flaismanova and Ethan Danesh

Runtime: 4:49

A woman returns to her home and begins excitedly and hurriedly preparing a party. In this sound project, we hear her experience through the course of an evening play out.


Sawt al-Umma Podcast, episode 1 trailer

Spring Podcast Workshop (non-credit)

Ameni Mehrez

Runtime: 1:50

A short trailer for episode 1 of the podcast’s first season, whose theme is "Public Opinion Surveys in the Middle East and North Africa"


Slaygurl Radio trailer

Spring Podcast Workshop (non-credit)

Carmelina Heinze & Helena Mede

Runtime: 1:42

A short trailer for this radio show presenting new music and lifestyle topics within the context of the hosts being proper ‘Slaygurls”.


Moving Through Skins

Foundations of Visual Practice (MA)

By Beatriz de Figueiredo, Manuela Novoa Villada, Ioana Popescu 

Runtime: 3:41

What does it mean to have a body? Through care, play, and reflection, we try to capture how embodiment feels like and what layers emerge when we try to put that into words.



Fundamentals of Documentary Filmmaking (BA)                                                                                       

By Helena Mede, Tatiana Zebrowska, Carmelina Heinze

Runtime: 7:35                                                                                              

This movie is about the unfortunate fate of fresh food ending up in the dumpster. It follows the journey from the field to the supermarket and to the dumpster, raising the question of whether there can be a following step in the journey. It consequently addresses the issues of food waste and overconsumption through different stories of individuals who have given new meaning to these foods. It explores their different motivations for dumpster diving and tries to create a better understanding of the process from collecting the food from dumpsters to serving it on a plate.


Unboxing Gender

Fundamentals of Documentary Filmmaking (MA) 

By Claire Bower, Shabnam Singla, Manuela Novoa Villada

Runtime: 6:07

Gender and its norms are so ingrained in our world, it can require us to put our “gender lenses” in order to see it. Unboxing Gender explores the ways gender influences our lives. The film’s protagonist is Kris, a professional boxer and gender researcher. Through Kris’ anecdotes and insightful reflections, the film explores how their gender identity has influenced their pathway in life - from becoming a boxer to entering academia, and the overlaps between the two. Unboxing Gender seeks to illustrate how gender shapes our interactions and decisions, whether or not we are conscious of it.



Sound & Vision (BA)

By Nastassia Stein, Amina Estrella Rodriguez Pain, Rachel Asano 

Runtime: 3:16

U-Bahn is a portrayal of Vienna’s metro system, focusing on the division between comfort and discomfort one experiences while using it. Vienna’s metro system is a vital part of social life, which is easily felt in the daytime, but it can feel very distant and disconnected from reality, especially in the nighttime. The disorientation that accompanies this fluctuation is explored through the focus on the metro system’s clinical symmetry, brutalism and surveillance.


Keep on Rockin’ in the Coalfields

Visual Theory & Practice Advanced Certificate Thesis film

By Isabel Thomas

Runtime: 16:00

Since the sudden closure of its remaining mining industries in the 1980s, the South Wales Valleys has had a reputation for mass unemployment, the breakdown of long-established ways of life...and lively music scenes. Keep On Rockin' In The Coalfields provides an entertaining look at the idiosyncratic cover band scene in the Valleys, the venues that support it, and their connection with industrial history. Communal music-making and social clubs once helped this rural population adapt to the new industrial communities and provided respite from dangerous mining work - do these traditions and institutions still have similar roles to play in the modern day? 


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