Verzio DocLab 2015

The first Verzio Doclab, held between 11-14 November, 2015 focused on the refugee crisis in Europe. Every single face has a name and a story but in the current flow of refugees they are often lost. The participants of DocLab revealed these faces, voices, stories through short films about individuals, families, places and attitudes, calling for understanding and action.

The films, created by the participants of the workshop and presented below, aim at humanizing the refugees and migrants through personal testimonies as well as exploring the societal reaction towards the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ by activists, volunteers and students helping those who are trying to find their place in a new culture.

Lilla Zentai (Hungary): Chadia - A Story of a Refugee 

Dániel Rudolf (Hungary): "A Girl Is Worth Three Security Guards...

Edith Károly-Rajki (Hungary): Why Do I Care?

Emma Polák (Hungary): Budapest Transit 2015 

Yahya Al-Abdullah (Syria/CEU): Waterboys

Natalia Dołgowska (Poland): In Three Years 

Amanda Nero (Brazil/Switzerland): "They Told Me We Were Going Fishing"